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How to Become an Apple Authorised Service Provider

To become an Apple authorised service provider, you need to meet certain criteria. This enables you to provide AppleCare protection to your customers. A service provider must have audited financial records and a credit line with Apple. It also needs to promote its AppleCare protection offerings and maintain a walk-in service centre and secure workshop area. After completing the process, Apple may review the ASAP.

GSX (Global Service Exchange)

If you're in the market for a new Apple device, or simply want to learn more about servicing your existing one, GSX (Global Service Exchange) is a great option. GSX provides an online platform where qualified service providers and Apple customers can meet and share repair needs. Its website also offers a wealth of support, including video tutorials and troubleshooting tips.

The Global Service Exchange is a database maintained by Apple for its authorized service providers. It allows authorized partners to process warranty and service requests, order parts, and perform diagnostics. In addition, it adds an extra layer of security, allowing authorized service providers to identify stolen or lost Apple devices. Only authorized service managers and technicians are allowed access to GSX, so there's no risk of unauthorized access.

GSX is also a great way to simplify the repair process for service providers. Through this system, technicians can access information about a device, including its display model and purchase date, warranty status, and repair history. GSX can also integrate with your UEM console, making it easy for you to manage your repairs.


Servify, an Apple authorised service provider in Perth, offers a repair pick-up service for Apple devices. Apple's iOS is easy to use, but it can be tricky for new users to become familiar with the features and functionality. Apple provides 90 days of free online technical support, after which users must pay for help. For this reason, Servify offers extended warranty plans, which include priority access to Apple experts. These experts can answer technical questions and guide you through the many features of the iOS software.

In addition to providing Apple certified repair and replacement services, Servify also offers comprehensive extended warranty plans. These plans cover everything from accessories to adaptors. They even cover accidental damages that are not covered by the original warranty. Using the Servify eRecycle Program means you can rest easy knowing that your Apple device is in safe hands.


The Apple Global Service Exchange (GSX) is a database that provides authorized service providers with the ability to quickly and easily process warranty claims, order parts, and complete repairs. The database also provides a layer of security, allowing stolen or lost Apple devices to be traced and identified. However, it is important to note that only Apple-certified service providers can access the database.

Authorized service providers can log in to the Apple website using a GSX account. Apple Certified Techduhp can retain some access to the GSX account, even when they are not working for an authorised service provider. Apple also offers a Self Servicing Account, which allows large businesses to manage their devices themselves. Additionally, the Authorized Service Provider Program (ASP) program is a program for repair shops interested in providing Apple products.

Apple Authorised Service Providers must be members of the Global Service Exchange (GSX) to provide warranty services. This exchange allows them to purchase Apple-certified tools and parts. It also enables them to access the ATLAS training modules, which help them prepare for Apple certifications. They also have access to the most up to date technical manuals for even the latest models. The GSX platform also allows customers to view the status of their device's warranty, as well as its history of service.

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